Migraines For The Informed Woman Tips From A Sufferer.

Book for the unaware woman migraineurs who goes through painful episodes accompanied with nausea, vomiting, dizziness, light and sound sensitivity. Migraines For The Informed Woman de-mystifies not just the Why, What, When and How of migraine that are put forth in scientific material in esoteric jargon, in an easy and simple way, giving you a positive perspective on what can be done to keep them managed at minimum levels.

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Mentor Your Mind Tested Mantras For the Busy Woman.

This book is a note to women whose search goes beyond physical fitness. The book focuses on the cause–effect relation in the realms of mental health through a mix of what is easily fathomable and achievable by the modern woman. These include everyday practice tips, activities, simple yoga, easy meditation and service, all of which are doable for a modern day woman and those that easily fit into her busy day without having to seek & sit through professional sessions.

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The Complete Fitness Guide For Women Tips From A Sufferer.

Physical fitness is beyond mere exercising and dieting. The Complete Fitness Guide For Women looks at not just cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training but also talks about working out at home and gym, prevention of injuries, nutrition, injury management and more! The Complete Fitness Guide For Women helps you understand and respect your body and its unique requirements so that you stay not just slim but healthy and strong as well.

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